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        The scripture which states, "of that hour no man knoweth" comes from Matt. 24 in a disortation that Jesus has with His disciples concerning the second coming, not the rapture. At that time there was no church and He was talking to Jewish men, about a thing that was an engrained part of their faith, the coming of the messiah in power to establish the Kingdom.

        The teachings concerning the rapture come after the church begins on Penecost after the ascention. Now we are told also that Christ will come as a thief in the night, correct? But people who fail to read the scriptures for themselves fail to see the rest of the verse that is there, because those who want to suppress the imminence of the rapture, always skip over it. But it goes on to say" But you are NOT in darkness that the day should overtake you like a thief, for you are all sons of the light and sons of the day.

        Now these things that you have heard you can read for yourself. It is in the 4th and 5th Chapters of 1Thessalonians. Now also in the scriptures we are told that prophecy is the best of the gifts to the church, because it builds us up. But God does not speak through ONE SINGLE MAN now as He did in the old testament. He speaks through the collective body. And we Do Not stone someone if what they say is not correct. We are told to allow everyone to speak and then we are to TEST that which we have heard to see whether it is a word from the Lord or not. If it is not then we are to GENTLY reprove the one who has spoken in error, and go on, but DO NOT REFRAIN FROM PROPHECY. Where was your comment on Sept 30th or on Oct.1? If you were so covinced THEN, why did you wait until now to bring your great wisdom forward? Mr Kittel did not share this word with us lightly but with much concern, because it was stronger and more specific than what he has been given in the past. We should thank him for his obedience. There were others who also were given the same word to share and TEST.

        Let me point out one more thing here. Rosh HaShanah is a 48 hour day in the Jewish Tradition. It is also the Beginning of a three part feast day that lasts the whole month of Tishrei. Many things could happen yet this season. But if it all passes by and nothing at all happens, what then, do we all abandon the faith and make ourselves a god of wood or stone? Of course not. We will go on and Pray and Fast and seek the Lords will and enlightenment as we do every day. And count it as another chance to bring His life and Love to another person.

        I hope this gives you the answers you were looking for.

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