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          Bluestar..My dear Jewish Brother..biker turned Pastor.. He has always been there for me. A shoulder to cry on..A Big Brother to help his "Sissie" Love ya Brother!

          And my dear precious Sister, Daisy! Girlfriend, you are so very special to me. The fun we have..the tears we shed. I shall always cherish our friendship

          Doris, O-MAN, Anthony and Brandon! Doris, who there is no other like on the face of this earth...she can have you hysterical one minute, and dead serious the next..I love her with a special "Blood" bond in the Lord. And O-MAN for your "REFLECTION'S OF THE HEART", you do indeed share those from deep within your heart!

          And not to forget my dear dear BRB KING, Rich! Dear Brother, I don't know why you've had the patience with me you've are also so very precious to me. I cherish our Friendship and bond in the Lord...oh, BRB

          This is my wonderful Brother, Kevin and his wife and family.

          This is MR. MOM in GCN..another wonderful Brother

          MTC, Didee, Doris and Bonnie

          This is My Kid's Dad {MKD} from GCN

    This is our Internet Mom *smile*

    MTC, Didee, Doris and Tracye

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