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My Testimony

        This is where the beginning of the end began. At the Cross of Calvary, where HE shed HIS Blood for the remission of our sin's.

        First of all, I am from the beginning it was indeed a miracle for that reason alone, that I would come to know Jesus as my Messiah and my Lord. Secondly, I was born into satanism. Not by choice of course, but I was born to be a "breeder". One who is born with the purpose of producing babies to be sacrificied.

        In the above barn, is where I witnessed many sacrifices. This is a picture of me after I was grown. I wanted to go back and reclaim what the enemy had taken away from my childhood. And to show I had no "fear" of satanism. That is their main control.."fear".

        I won't go into the detail's of doesn't deserve the space needed here. But I will tell you that when I was 5yrs old..I was out playing in the field one day when I realized this figure of a Man near me. I looked up into the face of a Man that I knew I knew..for HE was Jesus! He was standing over me as clear as day..those eye's of liquid Love flowed into me. He reached down and picked me up and told me they had made a bid for my life, but that I belonged to HIM. And I have from that day forth.

        Yeshua Jesus has appeared to me twice since that day. I have been taken up to Heaven and as Paul..I don't know if I was in the body or what. But I know I was with HIM..and once you've been there, there is nothing on this earth that is even close to what Heaven is like. There is no death for the Christian..only stepping out of this world into Heaven to be with HIM. And HE is coming for HIS Bride very soon, so Prepare to Depart.

        Am working on the picture's for this site. Check back later *sorry*

        This is me sitting on the step's of the ole homeplace. The entrance into something that was so very evil. Again, I had to return to reclaim my childhood. I have very little memories that are happy one's. After the age of 5..I was totally given to HIM..and my life from that point on was HIS!!!

        This is a picture of me today. This was taken about a year before the accident I was in last year.

        They were successful in taking my brother's life...I was very close to him. But Praise be to Jesus, He has given me Tim..who is so very close to me spiritually, that I believe the Lord has given him to me in my life to replace my brother. He is very precious and special to me. Tim..this one's for you my dear Brother!

        The Lord recently spoke to Tim and told him the butterfly is a symbol of His Joy. And that is how I see my Brother Tim, as a real JOY in the Lord.

        You are hearing "FRIEND'S"