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God Rescues Man Lost in Underwater Cave
Gives Startling Endtime Message

by Jim Bramlett

This incident is about David Gant of Bryant, Alabama, a logging company owner. I have talked with both David and his wife personally and am totally convinced of his credibility. His story of being trapped in an underwater cave for 20 hours, then miraculously rescued, received international secular news coverage in August of 1992.

But virtually all the media ignored and omitted the most significant part of the story --how God actually visited David in that cave, saved and cleansed his soul, then gave him a startling message to tell the world! Here is a summary of David's 20-hour ordeal and divine encounter.

David Gant got lost while scuba diving with two friends, looking for catfish, in underwater caves in the Tennessee River during the night of August 15-16, 1992. His two friends got out safely. David's air supply was very limited, but he found a small, 18-inch high air pocket and clung to a stalactite for 14 hours, trusting in his own ability to somehow get out.

Finally, he decided he was going to die and he prayed for the Lord to save his soul. He had been brought up in the church but had turned from God at about age 15. David is age 34 now.

At the very moment his prayer was finished, the presence of God strongly came into the cave with him and he began to sense what felt like a hand go down into his heart and center of his being. The hand withdrew full of the evil that was within him. David said as it came out he has never felt better, cleaner and happier in his whole life. He was ecstatic with joy. The hand did it again, and his feeling doubled. Then again.....

Then the Lord actually turned him over and baptized him in the same water! David knew that God had saved him, and was so joyful and peaceful that he asked the Lord to take him and not leave him in this world.

Instead, the Lord spoke to him very clearly and said:

"I want you to go and get your family ready to meet Me."

Then he said, "
Go tell the whole world that I am coming back for my children before the year 2000" (emphasis supplied). The message was clear and without question. The Lord then gave David a vision of his rescue -- being found, coming out in a boat, finding a crowd of hundreds on shore waiting for him, giving his testimony.

Six hours later, David was rescued, just like as it was detailed in the vision. And as in the vision, David told the crowd about what God had done, and His "message."

David's life has totally changed. In obedience, David has shared this message in many churches and meetings. This message will undoubtedly go around the world.

Maybe the Lord would use you, dear reader, to help by copying and sharing it with others.

Readers are permitted and encouraged to copy and share this article freely with others. For free copy of
Christ's Soon Return: The Overwhelming Evidence, send self-addressed, stamped, business-size envelope to

Jim Bramlett 10637 Crystal Springs Court, Orlando, FL 32825.

Specify "Christ's Soon Return." May the special presence and peace of the Holy Spirit rest upon each person who reads this article, and may God's angels be with you at all times.

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